Winter proofing your rental property

November 1, 2022

The nights are drawing in and it’s getting colder – winter is definitely on its way!

From endless hot drinks to embracing cosy knitwear, we have learnt how to keep ourselves warm and comfortable in the winter months, but we perhaps neglect preparing our homes for the challenges that lie ahead.

Of course, most major property maintenance tasks and improvements lie with the landlord. From servicing appliances like boilers to insulating the property, the landlord is obliged to keep the structure, interior and exterior of their rental properties in a good condition and suitable for habitation.

However, there are several simple tricks that tenants can take advantage of to winter proof their homes. Here are some of our top tips:

  • Don’t let the heat out – While most of the action taken to insulate rental properties is the responsibility of the landlord, there are ways tenants can keep their homes warm. Closing doors, curtains and blinds can keep the heat from escaping the rooms you are spending time in. Draught excluders also do what they say on the tin and stop cold air from seeping in.
  • But do turn the heating on – With rising energy prices, tenants are understandably hesitant about having the heating on for long periods. However, not turning the heating on at all could be even costlier. Having the heating on for at least an hour a day can help prevent pipes from freezing or bursting.
  • Be energy efficient – So, your heating is on but are you and your home feeling the benefit? Make sure your radiators are not obstructed and have been properly bled so you can take advantage of their warmth and feel good in the knowledge that you are not needlessly wasting energy.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help – If there is a maintenance issue that will impact you and your home this winter, don’t let it snowball. Talk to your landlord – they must keep the property in a good condition for you during your contract and for potential future tenants.

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