The perks of selling property outside the ‘peak’ period

October 31, 2023

Selling a property in winter can seem daunting, but there are strong reasons for sellers to enter the property market at this time of year. We explored the pros of buying ‘off-peak’ in last month’s blog, and there are many incentives for selling too.

Although not set in stone, different types of properties sell at different times of the year. Larger properties with outside space designed with families in mind sell quicker outside of school holidays, while first-time buyers tend to be more active in the new year which boosts flats and one or two-bed homes.

While we wouldn’t advise putting your house up for sale late-December, entering the property market early November or getting things in place ready to go live after the festive season is a sensible action. New Year’s resolutions and ‘New Year, new me’ adages come into play and people are ready for change and fresh starts.

First and foremost, the market is generally quieter this time of year which means fewer houses for sale and less competition for you. Your house will stand out as there is reduced noise, buyers will be more inclined to book a viewing and you can stand firm with the asking price as there are limited alternatives for the buyer.

When selling in the colder months, you can highlight your home’s energy efficiency. Do everything you can to make your house green before hitting the market and getting an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). With elevated energy bills, demonstrating your home’s eco value could be worth a lot in incentivising people to make an offer.

One of the perks of selling in sunnier months is the added kerb appeal; don’t let this be a deterrent for listing your property throughout winter. There are plenty of ways to spruce up your outdoor areas in colder months. Plant winter bloomers to add colour to flowerbeds, hang solar lights to brighten the space up and power wash any patios and pathways.

While the weather outside is cold, the property market is hot! We have buyers looking for homes in north Cardiff right now. If you are thinking about selling, give us a call, pop into our Radyr or Whitchurch branch, or visit

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