One of the most important topics dominating the news this year has been increased concern over the impact of global climate change, pollution of our oceans and also the quality of the air that we breathe. As a result of single-use plastics, coal-fired power stations and the impact of planes, cars, trucks and buses we can all agree that the Earth’s natural resources are coming under increased pressure. The introduction of Government regulations can go some way to helping reduce pollution and the private rental sector cannot avoid coming under these new rules!

The way a property is decorated can have an enormous impact on the interest it receives from potential tenants. It comes as no surprise that it is the properties with the most up to date, fresh looking décor that are the easiest to let. Properties should be presentable, inviting, and decorated to a high quality. As well as this, not only does this make them easier to let, it also attracts a higher calibre of potential tenants. 

If you’re selling your home, you need an Estate Agent that provides an affordable, yet professional service.

We know that you’re probably tempted by the lower fees offered by online companies, but don’t allow yourself to be seduced so easily. When looking online, you need to weigh up whether you’re still guaranteed the expert level of service you can always expect from High Street Estate Agents, for example Thomas H Wood.

Here we can evaluate some of the advantages offered by traditional Estate Agents, compared to an online service.

Of all the things involved with selling a home, the one thing people forget to mention to tell you is how weird it is to live in a property that is ‘on the market’!

Your home doesn’t really feel like your own during this time, so it’s only natural that things will seem, well - a little off. Living in a ‘for-sale’ home means frequently preparing last minute for viewings, requiring the need to keep your place in tip-top shape at all times.

So, while it’s a necessary evil of getting a sale for your home, there’s no reason you can’t do a few things to make it easier and keep your sanity (hopefully) intact! Start by making a checklist of tasks to be carried out each week to keep your selling game on point…


The importance of energy conservation has never been greater. As we become aware of the effects of climate change and begin to understand that we have a responsibility to protect the planet from global warming, it is time to ask ourselves HOW WE can make a difference.

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