If you’re considering putting your home on the market, making sure your garden is looking as good as possible could make all the difference to getting a quick sale. At a time when people are only allowed to meet with family and friends outside, many people are using their gardens more than ever before, so promoting your outdoor space is a crucial house selling technique this spring

Here are our top tips for getting your garden spring viewing ready.


Tidy, Tidy, Tidy 

It’s best to start with a clean slate, so get out in your garden and tidy up. Remove toys and play equipment the kids no longer use, take broken garden furniture to the recycling centre and remove anything that shouldn’t be there. 

Next, remove any old leaves or garden waste and get weeding. Remove all weeds from your grass and flower beds and trim back any plants, bushes or trees that have gotten out of control. 

If you have a patio or decked area and access to a pressure washer, washing these down can make them look as good as new and help appeal to prospective buyers.

Cut the grass! 

A tidy garden will always appeal more to buyers. It shows off the size of the garden correctly and provides a blank canvas for them to imagine themselves in the garden with their own patio furniture enjoying long, hot summer days and evenings.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of Paint 

One thing that can make a massive difference to the visual appeal of gardens is paint! If you have a tired-looking shed or a large expanse of fencing, a coat of fresh paint will have it looking as good as new in no time. Exterior wood paint is relatively cheap and can make a real difference to how your garden looks and feels. 

If you have a small garden, we recommend sticking to lighter fence colours to allow light to bounce and make the area feel larger. It’s also a good idea to avoid anything too bold that might put potential buyers off. Neutral is best. 


Introduce Some Plants 

No matter how small your garden, adding some colourful plants can make a huge difference. This might mean adding a few pots planted up with spring flowers or adding some flowers in borders. Little details like this can make all the difference to how a garden feels.  


Don’t Forget the Front 

When thinking about getting your garden in great shape, it is easy to focus on the back garden, as this is often the largest space and one that’s most used. However, it’s essential not to overlook the front garden as this is the first thing your buyer sees on arrival at your home. Tidy this up, trim any grass and plant some spring border plants for a splash of colour if you have space. All of this will help create a great first impression. 

By taking the time to spruce up your garden before putting your home on the market, you’ll be far more likely to impress would-be buyers and get that all-important offer!

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