Here are some of the most interesting aspects of Whitchurch, and reasons why you should take the time to experience it first-hand.

Whitchurch is a suburb community located in the north of Cardiff. It is only 3 miles north of Cardiff city centre, and is less than 20 minutes by train. Whitchurch is a beautiful part of Cardiff, and is a great place to live and visit as it accommodates everyone, through its amazing character and vibrancy. Here are some of the most interesting aspects of Whitchurch, and reasons why you should take the time to experience it first-hand. 


1.   Transport

Cardiff as a city is one of the best places to live in the UK, it is transport friendly and is a good connective area to the rest of the nation. Whitchurch is an especially good suburb of Cardiff for commuting: it has road access on the M4 and AA70; it is located between two of the urban Valley Lines rail networks; and has bus and train services running frequently to Cardiff City Centre.


2.   Food

There are a huge variety of places to eat out in Whitchurch, whether you fancy a quick bite at a local coffee shop, or a gorgeous meal at a reputable restaurant. Whitchurch supports many independent delis and cafes, which are great for catching up with friends and are perfect spaces to complete work in a relaxing environment.  The many choices of bars and restaurants saves you the hassle of travelling to the city centre for a meal so you can instead enjoy an evening of divine food right on your doorstep. 


3.   Education

Schools in Whitchurch have a reputation of producing an incredible standard of bright and well-rounded pupils, due to their high-quality level of teaching. There are a range of both English and Welsh speaking schools, which are all praised by Estyn, and education in Whitchurch is available at both primary and secondary level. There is also a great support network for younger children, as there are three local nurseries which provide great childcare facilities to keep the little ones entertained. 


4.   Amenities

Amenities in Whitchurch range from active to relaxing. The area provides many things for people of all ages, abilities and desires. Outdoor options include: Fforest Farm Nature Reserve, where you can view gorgeous wildlife on a lovely stroll; The Taff Trail, where you can travel all the way to the Brecon Beacons on bicycle; and The Whitchurch Golf Club, where you can have some great rounds of golf with friends.  There is also the option to join one of the local sports teams which participate indoors and out. And for the more indoor inclined people, The Whitchurch library is a great place to quietly delve into your favourite book, or discover a whole new world of possibilities. 


5.   Job Market

Whitchurch is an area that is full of life and character so it is a big attraction to both people and to businesses. Whether you are interested in marketing, hotel management, accounting, teaching, caring, or so much more, Whitchurch holds a whole host of opportunities. And with its close proximity to Cardiff City Centre and its easy commuting access to other areas across the UK, there becomes and extensive number of jobs accessible to everyone in Whitchurch.


Whitchurch is an incredible place to live. If you want to find out more about the area and what it has to offer, or are looking to purchase or rent property in the area visit www.thomashwood.comWe are experts in the local area and will be more than happy to talk to you! 


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