It’s important to us that we know what buyers are looking for when seeking out their dream home in the Cardiff area. By understanding their priorities, we can find the homes most suitable for the buyer’s demands.

As such, we’ve developed a list of the main things most buyers look for when searching for their new property here in Cardiff:

Cardiff City Centre

The main city centre of Cardiff is quickly becoming a hub for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Consequently, the distance between it and your home is very important. Buyers are keen to find houses within a suitable distance of the main city centre, as a lot of people need to head there to work every day. Not to mention how convenient it is to live close to a big city.
Local Schools

Families looking to buy houses in Cardiff will be desperate to find properties that are close to local schools. As far as primary schools go, there are plenty of options around different areas of Cardiff. We sell homes in the Adamsdown area that are very close to Adamsdown Primary School. Likewise, one of our main areas of expertise is Whitchurch, which happens to be home to both Whitchurch Primary and High schools.

Speaking of high schools, there is a selection of them dotted all around the Cardiff area, including Bishop of Llandaff near Radyr, Howell’s private school in Llandaff, and Kings Monkton School near the city centre.

Transport Links

It’s no secret that getting from one side of Cardiff to the other can take hours in rush hour traffic. As such, people are keen to live somewhere with good transport links to help them get around. Thankfully, all areas we service have train stations close by that lead to the city centre and beyond. Two of our most popular areas; Radyr & Whitchurch, both have local stations that are a mere 18 minutes away from Cardiff Central. From here you have links off to Newport, Bridgend, and beyond.

House Prices

Of course, all buyers are looking for houses with affordable prices in the Cardiff area. In the last few years, house prices have shot up thanks to the new developments in the city centre and bay area. As such, if you wanted a house or flat in any of these key areas, it’s likely you’ll pay a fortune. The good news is that prices tend to drop the further away from these areas you go. We sell plenty of 4 and 5 bedroom semi-detached homes in and around Whitchurch & Radyr that are fairly priced around the £350,000 mark. For a home in a location that’s a short few minutes’ drive from the city centre, is in school catchment areas, and has good transport links, this price is definitely affordable.

We’ve figured out that most buyers in this area are looking for these key aspects of their new home. People want to be somewhere that’s not a million miles away from the main city centre. They want a home that’s easy to get to and offers public transport to make life easier. Families are keen to find homes close to schools for their children, and they want all this without being ripped off. We can offer all of these things, as you will see if you conduct a quick property search on our site.

At Thomas H Wood, all of our sales are personal to us and we want to make sure both our sellers and buyers are happy, so we go the extra mile to help you find your dream home!

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