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Selling your house at Christmas

With Christmas around the corner and all the seasonal events taking place in Cardiff, it’s fair to say that we’re feeling the festive spirit and fully embracing the most wonderful time of year. Yet, many people seem shocked that Cardiff estate agents like ourselves would be excited for the festive season due to the perception that the market slows down at this time of year. Fortunately, this common misconception has been finally been disproved thanks to research by Rightmove. Whilst the festive season is often seen as a bad time to sell, figures actually show that there’s been a steady rise in property enquiries over the last few years, so it seems like a new house is at the top of quite a few Christmas lists! In fact, last year Rightmove released data that showed a 20 per cent increase in people looking for homes online between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day compared to figures from 2012.

The festive break

With so many people having time off over the Christmas holidays, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s an upsurge in interest at this time of year. On Christmas Day in 2014, Rightmove recorded over a million house-hunters visiting the website. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense considering the amount of people that have new mobiles or tablets for Christmas presents and spend the day browsing the web. However, it’s worth noting that those searching on Christmas Day were actually serious about buying as over 10,000 people took time out from their turkey sandwiches to actually email agents on Christmas Day.

New year, new house

New home in gift box in front of Christmas tree

We might all complain about the abundance of “new year, new me” statuses that we see on Facebook, but it’s a valid point that many people see the New Year as a chance to start afresh. As such, a lot of people are looking to make big changes in their lives, and what’s bigger than moving house? You don’t have to take our word for it either as the data speaks for itself. On the first working day of January 2015, almost 3 million people visited the Rightmove website.

All I want for Christmas is peace and quiet

We get it. Christmas is a time for family and lazy days spent lounging around in your new Santa onesie. As such, it can be quite off-putting to think of having strangers looking around your house and rummaging through the mince pie pantry whilst you try to get through the annual family monopoly tournament. Even if you choose to keep your house off the market until after Christmas day, it can still be worth getting everything finalised and ready to go before Christmas. That way, you can you still pick up on the tail end of search traffic.

Get ahead of the sleigh race

If Arnold Schwarzenegger’s last-minute efforts to get the perfect Christmas present in Jingle All The Way taught us one thing, it’s that organisation is key! Don’t get caught short like Arnie and leave your preparations to the last minute! From floorplans to Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), it takes time for an estate agent to prepare the marketing of your property.

Even if you don’t want to have your property on the market by Christmas, you should start making plans now if you want to pick up on the seasonal traffic in the New Year. It’s also worth having your photos taken before you start trimming up. Nothing will date your photos more than somebody seeing a Christmas tree tucked in the corner when February rolls around.

If you want to put your house on the market ahead of the Christmas celebrations, get in touch with our elves at the Thomas H Wood grotto.

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