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What to look for when selling your home in Cardiff…

Selling Home in Cardiff
Are you looking to sell your home in Whitchurch? Or perhaps you have a property to sell that’s further afield in other areas of Cardiff, such as in Radyr, Llandaff or Llanishen? Regardless of where your property is, you’re in the right place with Thomas H Wood. We work as professional, well-respected estate agents located in Whitchurch and Radyr, helping hundreds of people to sell their homes. If you’re entering the property market, here’s what to look for when selling your home…

Why are you selling?

First, it is important that you consider the reasons for why you are selling in the first place. Perhaps it is a necessity as you need a larger property for your growing family. Maybe you are looking to relocate. Perhaps you’re ready to downsize. Whatever your reasons, it is important to find an estate agent who can tailor their services to you and who has experience working with people in the same situation as you.

Choosing an estate agent

Next, you need to choose your estate agent. It is important to find someone who is reputable and established. Always look to get several valuations on your property so you can compare these; however, it comes down to more than just the suggested price. An over-priced house won’t necessarily sell, and can instead sit on the market unsold for months or years, making it more difficult to sell at all! You need to find an estate agent who knows the area, has built up a solid reputation, and who you can see yourself working with. With any valuation, always ask each estate agent how they have arrived at that figure. And see what other people who have used them before say about them through online reviews and social media.

Knowing the area

At Thomas H Wood, we know Whitchurch and Radyr like the back of our hands, having been established here as the local estate agents for many years. We understand how the property market works in these areas, where the hot spots are, and what the standard prices are. We’ll not only suggest to you a reasonable valuation, but we will also be in a solid position to guide potential buyers your way. This will help you get a fast, easy sale on your home. 

Traditional or online?

When you’re looking at which estate agent in Whitchurch to work with, opting for someone who is traditional and bricks & mortar based, rather than online, means you are working with someone who has their nose and feet to the ground in the local area. You can pop in whenever convenient, ask questions, and speak with a real person who knows what they’re talking about. It’s not just about reading property information from a database but is instead giving potential buyers the local insight and knowledge required for their big move. When choosing any estate agent, you should always feel comfortable asking plenty of questions.

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