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Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Autumn

Are you considering selling your home? Has the time come to move to somewhere new? Regardless of your reason for selling up, it’s vital that you choose the right time to sell. A lot of sellers put off selling their homes, which can result in missing that prime selling window. The fact is, one of the best times to sell a property is during the autumn. So, if you are thinking of selling up, now is the time to go ahead and put your property on the market.

Wondering why autumn is the best time to sell a property?

Read our guide to five reasons to sell your home in the autumn.


1. It’s the perfect time for home improvements

When purchasing a home, a lot of buyers like to make changes to it, personalising the space and making it their own. The best time for home improvements and renovations is during the dry, but not too hot days of Autumn, particularly if we have the Indian Summers we’ve been having the past few years! All those long, warm weekends are ideal for doing some DIY and renovations, resulting in buyers who are keen to purchase a property while the sun is still shining.

2. Your home is at its best

There is no getting away from the fact that in the warmer weather your home looks its best, and ‘Curb Appeal’ adds value to a property! The grass is wonderfully green, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is out – the warmer weather can improve the appearance of any property, making it more appealing to buyers. Give your home’s landscaping a once over, and you can ensure that it looks its best, ready for any potential buyers.

3. The holidays are just around the corner

It might still be warm, but Christmas is just around the corner – it’s just a few short months away. A lot of buyers look to move before Christmas so they can enjoy a larger and more family-friendly home over the holidays. In order to get their new home ship shape ready for any Christmas guests, moving a few months beforehand, such as in the autumn, is common.

4. Longer days equals more time for viewings

In the autumn the days are still long, which makes fitting more viewings in per day that little bit easier. A lot of buyers can only view properties in the evenings, which in the colder weather when the days are shorter, doesn’t always go well as they aren’t able to see the property and its outdoor space in the daylight. Whereas in the autumn months, the days are longer and after-work viewings will still allow buyers to view your property in all its glory.

5. Unpacking is easier once school starts

When the kids are back in school, it’s easier to unpack and organise the new house without having to worry about entertaining the kids as well! Once the little ones are bundled off to school there are up to 7 hours each day to really get stuck into the job and get the family settled into their new home as quickly as possible

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