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Our bite size guide to downsizing

There are many reasons why downsizing to a smaller home makes perfect sense. With fewer rooms to clean and reduced household bills, it can seem like an easy choice. If you have excess space in your house that you know you never use, downsizing could be the next logical step for you. Plus, the profit generated from downsizing often generates a welcome influx of cash!

However, downsizing can be a notoriously difficult process and you need to be absolutely sure that it’s the right step for you. From the sentimental value of your home and the memories made there, to the thought of decluttering an entire house, these are all things that need to be carefully considered before you take the plunge. As Cardiff estate agents with over 40-years experience, we’ve helped our fair share of people move into smaller properties. As such, we have a few tips that we thought we’d share to help you with the downsizing process.

Consider the necessities

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It can be easy to get carried away when first thinking about downsizing. You don’t want to end up in a space where you feel too crammed. Think carefully about the space you do need, especially when you have visitors staying. For example, if you have close family or friends living abroad, it’s likely that they’ll want to stay for longer periods of time than somebody who lives 40-minutes down the motorway. As such, you’ll probably want a spare room rather than thinking you can make do with a sofa bed! Also, if this is the case, it could be worth having an en-suite.

Start sooner rather than later

As soon as you’ve made the decision to downsize, you can start the process of reducing your belongings. There’s no sense in waiting until you find the right property. A lot of people are surprised by the amount of stuff they’ve accumulated over the years, so by starting to get rid of things as soon as possible, the task will seem far more manageable. Plus, a clutter-free house is more likely to sell quickly. We call that a win-win situation!

Pay extra attention to rooms with less sentimental value

Let’s be honest, getting rid of your excess mixing bowls is going to be far easier than deciding on which childhood toys can go to the charity shop. Nobody sheds a tear when binning the spare spatula! As such, it’s better to focus on the rooms like the kitchen or bathroom where you can get a bit more brutal with the bin!

Look at floor plans in order to prearrange your furniture before the move

When you find a potential property, consider the floor plan carefully. Whilst you may have already got rid of a lot of stuff, you need to be absolutely sure that there’s enough room for all the stuff that you are keeping. Don’t wait until moving day to discover that you’ve overestimated the space! The last thing you want is to have to get rid of even more stuff just to squeeze into the property.

If you’re thinking about downsizing, get in touch with us today.

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