If you’re thinking about renting but do not know where to begin, follow this guide so that you can find the right rental property for you.

Deciding what property to rent can be a difficult task if you do not understand what exactly to look for in a property so that you can end up in one that is most suited to you and your needs. If you’re thinking about renting but do not know where to begin, follow this guide so that you can find the right rental property for you.

  1. Determine a budget

When it comes to renting you need to work out exactly how much you can afford to pay each week or month based on your income. Not only do you need to decide on a budget based on the rental cost, but you should also consider other costs such as broadband, utilities, council tax and other living costs that you will have to pay such as food, clothing and entertainment. It is extremely important that you correctly consider your financial situation when deciding how much rent you can afford as your rent will be due at a set time each month and you will almost certainly not be given any grace period to make the payment.

  1. Decide what type of property you want 

There are many rental places available today, however not all will fit your needs and requirements. You should consider the size of the property that you are looking for; how long you intend to stay in the property, the location of the property, the school cachement area and local amenities, just to name a few major considerations. 

  1. Prioritise wants and needs

It is easy to get carried away by fancy features in properties, however with these fancy extras often comes an increase in the price. Don’t let wants priorities your needs, you should focus instead on what is more important to you. If a very nice-looking property is over your budget then perhaps look for somewhere with a slightly more basic interior; or if it is further away from work than you would like, then maybe opt instead for somewhere not as nice that is in a better location. In contrast, sometimes the most important thing to people is the appearance of their home and if this is the case then just understand that you might have to compromise something else to get this. Whatever you choose to prioritise is entirely fine, so long as you are happy with your end decision. Just ensure that you have made this decision before searching because it will make the process of finding the perfect rental property much easier. 


  1. Do your research and get insight

Spend plenty of time researching the areas that properties are in because it is where you are potentially going to live and so you want to make sure that it is entirely suitable for you. Speak to current tenants of the building, or potential neighbours to find out about the landlord, and other things which could concern you such as noise. If you have children make sure they can definitely get places at the local schools, or what the safety of the neighbourhood is like. 

The best way to get a feel for the area is to visit it yourself in person. 

  1. Take your time

Unless you are desperate to find a rental place immediately then take time finding the place that is most suitable for you. There is nothing worse than rushing into a decision that you have not entirely thought over, especially when it comes to renting because you are stuck in the property as soon as the contract is signed. And even if you need a place straight away then it is still important that you take time when viewing all properties, checking important but simple things like whether there is central heating? Do the windows open? Is there a fridge and freezer? It is easy to forget little things like this in an overwhelming environment. 


  1. Find the best agent 

Choosing the best agent to help you find the right rental property is vital because you want to ensure that you feel entirely comfortable with them and believe they will help you through the renting process. At Thomas H Wood we are determined to put our clients first, by helping you to determine precisely what it is you’re looking for and then helping you find it. 

We have built up a reputation for succeeding in finding people the best rental property;  with our background knowledge into the property market and an extensive understanding about rent, plus an extensive list of rental properties we know exactly how to make your property search successful!

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